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Vasistha's Yoga (translated by swami Venkatesananda, read by Gurugillies)

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Vasistha's Yoga (translated by swami Venkatesananda, read by Gurugillies)

Yoga Vasistha (Sanskrit: योग-वासिष्ठ) (also known as Vasistha's Yoga) is a Hindu spiritual text traditionally attributed to Valmiki. It recounts a discourse of the sage Vasistha to a young Prince Rama, during a period when the latter is in a dejected state. The contents of Vasistha's teaching to Rama is associated with Advaita Vedanta, the illusory nature of the manifest world[1] and the principle of non-duality.
The book has been dated between the 11th and 14th century AD) and is
generally regarded as one of the longest texts in Sanskrit (after the Mahabharata) and an important text of Yoga. The book consists of about 32,000 shlokas (lines), including numerous short stories and anecdotes used to help illustrate its content. In terms of Hindu mythology, the conversation in the Yoga Vasishta takes place chronologically before the Ramayana.

Other names of this text are Mahā-Rāmāyana, ārsha Rāmāyana, Vasiṣṭha Rāmāyana,[2]Yogavasistha-Ramayana and Jnanavasistha.[1]

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Reviewer: CollegeStudentEd92 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - June 21, 2014
Subject: Super. Thank You.
I have had an old copy of Vasistha's Yoga by Swami Venkatesananda for years it seems like. It was free, given as an offering at the Siddha Meditation Center where I live. I had to do a paper on counseling methods. I am a student in psychology with a concentration in substance abuse counseling, so I had read about Existential, Gestalt and Person Centered theories in my current class and I had to do a paper. So much of it sounded like what I was into, Siddha Meditation and the empty mind. I am taking a course in the Truth of the Present Moment and I knew I wanted a therapy that was about awareness. Well, the author of Truth of the Present Moment, D. R. Butler is a big fan of Vasistha so I was looking at this old book but I wanted a reference. I have to cite everything. My school, also is online so I was online and searched for Vasistha and found the files. I was so happy to hear the book and I was delighted at the readers Irish lilt of an accent. I am Irish, or according to society and the world I am and I had Irish family so this was very comforting for me. I have also been rereading the Ramayana and recognized some comments from it. It is a great read by Mr. Gurugillies. I am so grateful to have found it. Sadgurunath Maharaj ki jay!
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